Friday, December 19, 2008

Painting the Roses Red

I forgot to mention weddings! There is a chapel, grounds, dining for 10, or canapes for 40. The bride and groom are to make arrangements for the minister. I am not sure if there is currently a discount if all rooms are rented for the weddin, but if not there will be. I was in the wedding planning industry for a number of years. It would be a pleasure to help couples plan a romantic dream wedding in our castle. And loving research, I have been reading up on some local traditions and customs.

My own wedding was modest. I had mentioned to, my then, fiance that we should just invite closest friends and family. He said no, we should only invite closest friends and immediate family. We celebrated our wedding in an evening ceremony on Valentine's day. We were married in the local library, the house of books. Our minister was the mother of our dear friend Julianna. As an aside, Julianna was the first to believe in the dream and contribute a gift to the castle fund. My best friend, Krista, was my maid of honour, and my daughter Ophelia was our flower girl.

It was not until years later when we attended Richard's cousin's wedding that I realized why he had insisted on immediate family only. It was not because they were not close, it was because they are an old Nova Scotia Acadian family. Only about 500 of the relatives were able to make it and attended Lynn-Marie's wedding. I don't they would have all fit into the little library hall. However the castle grounds would be a wonderful location for a number of tents and a family reunion.

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