Friday, December 19, 2008

Drink Me

I have been asked by a number of people what I plan to do once I have aquired my castle. There are a few things that I wish to do. It is already running as a hotel. I wish to continue to run it as such.

There is farm land which is rented out. I would like to continue to do this and not develop it as others may have ideas to.

There are protected marshlands where birds nest each year. At the end of the breeding season, there is an annual shoot. Having grown up on a pheasant game farm, I am not opposed to the traditional hunt, which is on the land with a hired hunter to run it, and I would welcome the hunters return each year.

There is an ancient woodland. I have always wanted to live near a sacred oak grove. I will settle for sycamore, horse chestnut, alder, larch, rowan, whitebeam, willow and elm. There are a number of paths through the woodland. I need to research the law on the scattering of cremated remains, if it is allowed at all, where it can be, does it have to be set up as a scattering garden, etc. Along with this, I would also, law permitting, be able to offer the burial of placenta. I do not know if there are additional planned areas, or if there is something such as Trees Ontario, but if possible to continue the growing of the area of the woodland. And if you need some sort of lucrative reasons for the ideas for the woodland there really are't any, however people may come and stay at the castle once every few years to revist the woodland and visit their loved ones.

There is a small building, which if brought up to code, would be a wonderful art studio to offer art classes where people could sketch and paint the wonderous sights they saw on the boat tours my husband will give them. My husband loves boats and the water and would love to give boat and land tours, not to mention that he has the gift of gab.I am not sure if there is one, again more research to do, but an arts festival to display the varied talent of local artists and artisans would be nice.

I belong (on again off again) to an historical re-enactment group. One year a chapter was contacted by the Make A Wish Foundation. A little girl's wish was to be a princess for a day. I was not able at the time to help on this ocassion, but my heart went out to her. I would love to be able to offer an extended weekend once a year to such a child and their family through the foundation to be King or Queen of the castle.

There are many other ideas, they all intertwine and complement each other, but this has been a glimpse into some of them.

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