Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Advice from a Caterpillar

With the Canadian dollar down, the castle I have in mind will be about $5,000,000 cad, and although not an easy task, stranger things have happened. So, for my castle fund I am:

* Accepting donations in person or by paypal on my website
* Using money from my cafepress sales
* Using my tip money from work
* Money from the sale of my possessions I can't take with me
* Money from my ebay sales (as soon as I start selling on there again)
* Did I mention I will hem pants?
* Various other plans still in the works.
* I also have some equity in my house, but we may need to use that for the relocation expenses.I am serious about this.
* Trying to put the money I would spend at Tim Hortons into the fund
* A portion of the proceeds of the sale of my limousine
* Putting all of the above into a daily interest savings account.

If anyone has any other suggestions (reasonable ones that is) please let me know.

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