Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let me see: four times five is twelve, and four times six is thirteen, and four times seven is -- oh dear!

One number. That is all it takes. One number. Someone said to me the other night "everybody's got to have a dream, but yours is bigger than most." It is still just one number. Of course that number is 4,999,620 . This same someone said I will never reach it. It is because 4,999,620 people think the same thing that I haven't. . . . yet. Everyone's got to have a dream.

The lottery is 43 million. I bought tickets today. No, not out of my castle fund. Fingers crossed.

Do you ever feel tired of hearing people telling you that "you can't." You can't have this, you can't have that, you can't have both, you can't, you can't, you can't. I am tired of it. I have heard it all my life. What if it never occured to you that "you can't." Imagine what you could have accomplished so far in life. Imagine what you could accomplish from this point forward.

My father said "good for you, and if you never reach 5 million to buy your castle, at least you will have money for therapy." He laughed. I laughed. But he still supported me. He didn't argue. He didn't say he wouldn't support me on principle. He is there for me, cheering me on all the way. Like those of my friends who not only dare to believe, but support me no matter what the dream.

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Anonymous said...

Numbers control the universe!

You only need to save $1400 every day for 10 years to afford your castle. Of course, if it was still for sale then, it might be worth more.

If you have a slow day where you only save $500, you could probably make it up on a busy day.